Let’s face it PALs, there’s fierce competition in the job market with several thousands of candidates applying for the same job. We know you are smart but what happens if you don’t get a job right after NYSC? We have some plan B ideas for you:

Entrepreneurship: That your “great idea” is one step from being a multi-million or billion naira venture that will change the world. Team up with your friends, pool resources and become an employer yourself. Plus you can get some publicity on The PAL Hub by sending a mail to info@thepalhub.com and telling us about your business.

Internship/Volunteers: You need a job to gain work experience but how do you get a job for the experience? Internships. Mostly unpaid. Think of this as the price you pay to stand out in the job market. Chances are the company you intern for will retain you after the internship.

Further Education: There’s no such thing as a “waste of knowledge” or “too much knowledge”. If a job isn’t coming your way now, go get yourself that extra degree or certification/skill you’ve always wanted.

More Importantly, Don’t forget The Ultimate Backup Plan; A Retirement Savings Account: While you bask in the joy of a first job today, a pension account secures your financial future. For this singular objective, we are available to give you a worry free future and a backup to all your backup plans. Begin here