Truth be told, the three major options after  NYSC are to “further your education, get a job or start a business”. Apart from furthering your education, do you want a 9-5 job or do you want to be an entrepreneur? Let’s take a look at both.

Reward: 9-5 offers instant reward for work done and helps you save towards the future while entrepreneurship offers more rewards in the long run when the profits start rolling in. It’s a win/win either way because a comfortable future is what really matters.

Freedom: Unarguably, being an entrepreneur offers you more freedom and versatility however everyone is still tied down one way or the other by market and client demands. So 9-5 is almost always 9-5 while, entrepreneurship is 9-1pm on some days and 9-1am on others.

Experience: They say experience is the best teacher, well sometimes watching and learning from other people’s experience is also good. Entrepreneurship shouldn’t be your crash course, this is where a 9-5 comes in handy to teach you about the work environment and also help you save up for your startup.

So, what’s it going to be PAL? Entrepreneurship or a well paying 9-5 job?

Whatever your choice is, your future is the most important of all and you should have it secured as soon as you start working. Start the future with PAL Pensions today.