These days everyone wants to be a boss even before they finish school, students are among the most enterprising and innovative sets of youths in the country. Here are 3 simple side hustles that pay well.

  • Freelance jobs: Freelance jobs are super for making cool cash and getting experience while still in school, turn that hobby into a hustle today. There are several freelance jobs to do like writing, web development, coding, social media influencing and so on.
  • Makeup and clothes: It isn’t news that students (especially females) practically spend their last cash on makeup and clothes. You can get products from a supplier and pay later after selling them off if you don’t have enough capital to start.
  • Printing and Photocopy: If there is one thing that is synonymous with higher institution, it is printing and photocopy. Whether you’re in a school hostel, staying outside school or even schooling from home, there is always a demand for printing or photocopy of one material or the other! Start cashing out on this ASAP.

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