Getting an early start on investment is one sure way of growing your money and building a conglomerate. We all know about the recession but do you know it is also a fantastic time to invest? Here are the best sectors to invest in in the country right now

  • Tech: ICT and Tech is the fastest growing industry in the country and this is no surprise with several startups and inventions springing up everyday. This sector offers many opportunities with huge returns.
  • Agriculture: Agriculture is the largest sector of the Nigerian economy with GDP contribution of about 40%. Research shows that Nigeria has over 80 million hectares of arable land, with the current exchange rates and restraints on importation, more Nigerians are looking to produce locally cultivated goods. Why don’t you join them and reap some massive returns?
  • Real Estate: Real estate has very good prospects, a study revealed Real Estate is growing at a fast rate of 8.7 % and has moved up to being the 6th largest in the economy. Did you know that high net worth individuals invest 25 per cent of their assets in real estate compared to 18 per cent or less in equities and other sectors?
  • Your Future: Yes, investing in your future is the most important of all. While investing in other sectors helps grow your money, opening a pensions retirement savings account helps secure your future. Get started with PAL Pensions today! Smile, relax and let your money prepare a comfortable future for you.

Which sector will you be investing in PAL?

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