Christmas is in the air and for most students, it’s a time to either visit the village or sit at home watching TV all day. Who says Christmas can’t be more than rice and chicken? Here are some fun things for you to plan towards and do this beautiful holiday.

Visit a Christmas Themed Park: Nothing like some lovely jingle bell tunes and excited reindeer structures to bring out the happiness in you. Most states or areas usually have their parks decorated with Christmas lights and relics where you can hangout with friends and family.

Volunteer for Relief Projects: Many organizations and individuals organize seasonal relief projects for children and communities in need around this holiday. These events give some of the best experiences and memories, volunteer for one and have a fulfilling Christmas. You can even organize one with your friends and family.

Learn something new and exciting: There’s almost no better time to learn something new and than during the Christmas and New year holidays, with all that happiness and excitement in the air, you’re guaranteed to have tons of fun discovering new things. So get started on that project you’ve always wanted to do, bake some cupcakes, build a website, learn how to knit. Do whatever you want and simply have funnn!

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